3 More GPS Satellites Will Help Hikers Stay on Path

As any frustrated GPS-toting hiker can attest, we’ve come a long way in the location-aware department. But there’s plenty of room for improvement, both with hardware and GPS software.

One of the most common annoyances is losing signal in steep valleys and dense vegetation — just ask the US military operating in Afghanistan.

To help solve this problem, the US Strategic Command is expanding the number of GPS satelites from 24 to 27 over the next two years (the first of which is already en route to its orbiting position). The increase in satellites won’t just help the military, though…hikers, drivers and anything else that relies on global positioning will also benefit.

So, the US Military is stepping it up on the hardware end of things…let’s just hope the Trimbles & Garmins of the world can get their act together and provide more user-friendly, cross-platform software and maps to its hungry users down here on Earth. I mean, it’s not rocket science.