Stop Guessing Distances – Use A Laser Rangefinder

Laser rangefinders are excellent tools that help you to determine longer distances that wouldn’t be practical or possible to measure by hand. Since their inception, these gadgets have been improved and modified to become serious pieces of equipment. Their scope of use extends far beyond standard construction or labor contexts however.

Laser rangefinders are also a great asset to use when mountaineering or hunting, along with other outdoor activities. is a great resource for determining which rangefinder is best suited for your needs.

Without having access to a laser rangefinder when mountaineering, it is simply impossible to measure the distance up a mountain unless you hike it! But in order to gather the necessary information you need on a hike, a quality laser rangefinder can help you figure out the distance to your next location. This not only provides climbers with an understanding of distances, but it also helps to increase safety by providing accurate and reliable information from which climbers can use to make important decisions, especially on more dangerous and technical routes.

Another great feature of laser rangefinders are their compatibility. When you’re out climbing mountains, the last thing you need is more stuff weighing you down. A majority of laser rangefinders are designed to fit inside your bag with no problem. Depending on your preference, rangefinders for mountaineering can also be handheld or come with a tripod for added stability.

Hunting is all about precision and accuracy. Make any small mistake and that opportunity you had can disappear in seconds. That is why hunters strive to remove all of the unpredictable or unknown variables that they can, ensuring the best chance of making the shot. That is why rangefinders are becoming more in more popular in the hunting world. Rangefinders can provide hunters with the exact distances between them and their targets.


This takes a lot of guesswork and estimating out of the equation which highly increases the chances of a successful shot. There are rangefinders that can be found designed for the sole purpose of hunting. Some models are designed for hand-held usage, while others include mounts or poles. Still, some other models mount directly onto your hunting weapon of choice, whether that be a bow, rifle and more.

Some of the major manufacturers of laser rangefinders include Bushnell, Luepold, hunting giant Cabela, and even some camera manufacturers such as Nikon and Canon produce their own quality laser rangefinders. Depending on the laser rangefinder itself and the manufacturer, their specificity of use may differ. For those wanting to use a rangefinder for only hunting, it would be wise to purchase one from a company who specializes in this field. The same goes for those looking for laser rangefinders for the sole purpose of mountaineering. In effect, all laser rangefinders accomplish the same task, but some added features can specialize it to the user’s particular needs.

Whether you are climbing a mountain or heading out for a weekend of hunting, guessing distances won’t help you succeed. Take away all of the doubts and guessing by utilizing a laser rangefinder. The sheer accuracy of these tools will make sure that all of the unknown variables are removed. If you’re climbing a mountain, you no longer have to worry if your estimates are correct. For those of you hunting, you can remain confident that one shot is going to count.

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